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CEPα Project: Empowering Small-Scale Farmers through Adult Education and Agricultural Skills Development

CEP α Apiculture

The CEPα project, launched in 2020, is revolutionizing the landscape for small-scale farmers by providing them access to non-formal adult education and hands-on learning within agricultural settings. This innovative concept, built on the pillars of technical expertise, practical experience, and empowerment, aims to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable agricultural practices.

Initially implemented in the Manouba governorate, the CEPα project is the result of collaboration among key stakeholders, including the Agricultural Extension and Training Agency (AVFA), the National Center for Adult Education (CNEA), and the Regional Agricultural Development Commission (CRDA). By bringing together the expertise of these organizations, the project not only facilitates the adoption of innovative agricultural practices but also encourages active participation of farmers in the production of agronomic knowledge.

One of the standout features of the CEPα Project is its emphasis on practical learning experiences. Through field schools and hands-on training sessions, participants acquire the skills and techniques needed to succeed in various agricultural activities. From free-range poultry farming to beekeeping, cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, production of sun-dried tomatoes, and olive cultivation, the project covers a wide range of agricultural activities tailored to the needs and interests of small-scale farmers.

In addition to providing valuable training opportunities, the CEPα project also aims to showcase the achievements of its participants. Through exhibitions and online platforms, the project highlights the diversity of products and crafts made by trained farmers. By promoting local productions and creating economic opportunities for participants, the project not only improves the livelihoods of small-scale farmers but also contributes to the overall development of rural communities.

As we celebrate the successes of the CEPα Project, we invite you to download our online guides below and resources, which offer practical advice and valuable information for sustainable agriculture (available in French only). Together, let's work to empower small-scale farmers and build a more resilient and inclusive agricultural sector for future generations.

  1. CEPα guide méthodologique (Methodological Guide)
  2. CEP α Apiculture ( Beekeeping)
  3. CEP α Poulet fermier (Free-Range Chicken)
  4. CEPα Conduite des Oliviers (Olive Tree Management)
  5. CEPα Plantes Aromatiques et Médicinales (Aromatic and Medicinal Plants)
  6. CEPα tomates séchées (Sun-Dried Tomatoes)

Organisation DVV International - Tunisia

Publication Date 1 February 2024

Topic ALE

Region North Africa

Country Tunisia

Sector Civil society organisation / NGO

Type Guide / Manual