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    Adult Education Africa

    Belong to a pan-African collective of adult educators. Be an active participant in moving lifelong learning forward on the continent.

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    The Ecological Crisis

    MOJA calls on adult educators to build life-affirming ecological pedagogical praxis that inspires action towards the protection of all life forms.

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    Featured Resource

    Reigniting Hope: 50 Years of Adult Education in Tanzania is a collection of varied perspectives on adult and non-formal education in Tanzania authored by 10 adult educators. The book focuses on the vision of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere on adult education and the context in which the various adult, non-formal and continuing education programmes were conceived, originated and managed. Resource courtesy of Dar es Salaam University Press

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    MOJA Journal

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Who we are

MOJA is an online resource for adult learning and education professionals and practitioners in the public sector, private sector, civil society and academia in Africa.

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Adult learning and education in Africa

MOJA is a platform for everybody interested in adult learning and education in Africa. It is a place to share insights, resources and experiences; form connections; and use them to realise an informed, educated and thriving citizenry on the African continent.

Advancing lifelong learning

Lifelong learning and adult education drive people, families, communities and nations forward. They open avenues of possibility, give people better and more opportunities, improve quality of life, grow economies and open the door to a better, brighter, more prosperous future.

The MOJA community

MOJA offers a professional network for adult learning and education practitioners in the public sector, private sector, civil society and academia. By joining the community, they can profile themselves and their organisations, contribute and share their insights, connect with others and share their news and events.

A wealth of knowledge

Adult learning and education advance through partnership, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. MOJA provides access to a wealth of knowledge related to adult learning and education in Africa – including articles, news, links, resources and events. All content comes from the growing MOJA community.

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