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The Adult Learning Forum and Epilepsy South Africa Come Together to Strengthen Networking for Adult Learning and Education

20 novembre 2023 | DVV International South Africa Non-formal education Community Learning

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On September 30, 2023, the Adult Learning Forum (ALF) in Cape Town partnered with Epilepsy South Africa in an effort to bring partners from the disability sector on board and help integrate their work into the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) networks. Several organisations, including The Women’s Circle (TWC), DVV International, Community Learning Centres (CLCs), NGOs, youth and local entrepreneurs participated in the event. Participants shared knowledge and experiences on their work in the ALE sector in order to improve and strengthen peer learning and networking for adult education.

Vanessa Reynolds of The Women’s Circle spoke about her experience in working to integrate non-formal education (NFE) in CLCs. She emphasised how CLCs have untapped potential for community development and encouraged community organisations to explore cooperation and partnership with their local centres.

The DVV International Country Director for South Africa, Farrell Hunter, who was the guest speaker at the event, spoke about the new NFE emphasis of Community Colleges and their CLCs, and how this new focus promises to be a lot more responsive to the needs and interests of communities. It also fulfils the policy promise of the 2013 White Paper on Post-School Education and Training, which recognises the importance of NFE in responding to the educational needs of South African communities.

Several youths spoke of the important role that community education at CLCs played in their personal journeys, and recognised the committed educators who work under challenging circumstances. Some spoke of even contributing their own resources when they noticed fellow students struggling.

The event reinforced the crucial role that NFE plays in community education, and was an opportunity to highlight and recognise the tireless work that networks are doing to promote it.