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Call for Articles

MOJA Journal of Adult Education 01
The MOJA Journal of Adult Education is calling for submissions for its second Issue. This issue will draw attention to the ways in which adult practitioners, scholars and educators conceptualise and build practices towards hope and possibility during times of crises. The Journal invites submissions from different regions on the continent. We would like to learn from and share ways in which adult education practitioners are building conceptual tools, visions and imaginations, as well as implementing innovative and alternative practices during times of crises. For this issue, we are particularly interested in the theme of community food systems and associated livelihoods.


Adult education practitioners, scholars and activists have drawn attention to the impacts of the ecological and economic crises experienced in countries in the region. These crises have also been highlighted by governments in several countries on the continent, including the urgency to address them now. The COVID pandemic has exacerbated the triad (inequality, poverty and unemployment) and has also drawn attention to, amongst others, the relationship between climate change, community food, health and energy systems. These crises are also stalling and/or reversing several development goals within and across countries on the continent.

Governments across the African region are planning and implementing mitigation strategies to remedy the impact of climate change, and social and economic challenges. The most common and interrelated socio-political and economic issues include food and hunger; poor health and disease; energy; water and drought; gender-based violence; migration; housing and shelter. All the above require deeper engagement and the development and implementation of alternative and innovative educational responses.

Adult educators have recently drawn attention to many of these issues. First, in June 2022, civil society organisations (CSOs) raised similar issues based on an analysis of the regional report on adult education in Africa. These issues correspond with the focus areas of the Marrakech Framework for Action (MFA) that resulted from CONFINTEA VII. It is therefore important for adult educators to use the “MFA-moment” to advance the role of adult education as a vehicle through which these issues could be addressed. Second, adult educators have been called to action to contribute to building education as a transformative force. Adult education remains an important vehicle in addressing political and socio-economic issues. Finally, adult educators on the continent participated in COP27 and the global campaign for education. Many of the ideas emerging from debates within these areas of work are about building alternative and transformative theory and practice.

Focus of submissions

We recognise that communities on the continent are experiencing ongoing socio-economic issues. We also recognise that the African continent is rich in both conceptualisations and innovative practices that respond to the various socio-economic issues. For this issue, we invite submissions that share experiences that and draw attention to the work of adult educators working in community food systems and livelihoods. We invite submissions that help us understand the following:

  • How communities are dealing with food and hunger and building community food systems.
  • What new and/or emerging practices associated with building community food systems and livelihoods exist.
  • How adult practitioners support the development of community food systems and related livelihoods.
  • How we (re)think, (re)imagine, (re)build theory about community food systems and associated livelihoods.

Some key words

Hope and resilience; ecological crisis; economic crisis; climate change; food and hunger; food security; food sovereignty; community food systems; drought and water; social and solidarity economies; livelihoods; transformation; social justice; human rights; participation; social action; activism; agency; community organising; social mobilization.


The call for submissions is made to the community of adult education practitioners in four sub-regions of the continent (North, South, East and West Africa). We invite each region to contribute 3 submissions for the issue. We encourage papers that focus on:

(a) conceptual ideas/tools/imaginations as well as practices – ideally more ‘case-study’ types; (b) focus specifically on the issue of community food systems and livelihoods; and (c) the ways in which communities and adult practitioners build hope and resilience during times of crises.

The selected articles will be published online. For more information about the kinds of submissions and writer guidelines, please visit HERE. Those interested should take note of the deadlines below.

PAPER SUBMISSIONS extended to 30 June 2023

  • Authors are encouraged to submit as early as possible.
  • Papers should be BETWEEN 1500-2500 words.
  • Papers should be in editable Microsoft Word format, English, Arial font, 12 point font-size with 1.5 line spacing.