Ditsela National Labour Law Symposium

, 07:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Johannesburg | Southern Africa


Theme: Workers and the Law: Labour Market Regulations and Inequality

Are present day labour market institutions and representative organisations fit for purpose and can they adequately address the challenges faced by workers within the current regulatory framework?

Ditsela host its first Online National Labour Law Symposium in partnership with the CENTROW (Centre for Transformative regulation of Work) and the CCMA. This symposium will focus on the recent Labour Law Amendments, how it affects workers in the workplace, their social welfare and in their own communities. It will also provide a learning space for sharing various experiences.

The Objectives and Target Audience of the symposium

This symposium provides a useful opportunity to share the research that has been undertaken on the impact of the post 2007 LRA. It will also provide a platform for the voice of workers on their workplace experiences regarding these amendments.

The key objectives of the symposium are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences to shop stewards and organisers on the latest amendments to the LRA post 2007, and for the exchange of information to workers in the informal economy on the latest progress on the implementation of R204 in South Africa;
  • To build the capacity of shop stewards, worker leaders in MBOs of workers in the informal economy, and organisers to defend and advance the rights of workers in the workplace; and
  • To forge stronger unity and solidarity between worker leaders in the formal and informal economy across their different employment relationships.


Day One: Inputs by speakers on current labour market regulation and inequality, engagement with key note address / discussion on present day challenges confronting the organisation of formal and informal workers and the steps to build unity between these workers.

Day Two: Session of commissions and plenary discussion.


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