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What has a polar bear got to do with me? Why respecting and saving the environment is justice issue which affects us all

This booklet contributes to the increasing body of literature, documentaries and popular texts which call for the development of a heightened consciousness about the ecological crisis and the devastating destruction of the Earth and all its life forms.

Cataclysmic disasters are becoming common testimonies of the ecological crisis and the relentless adherence to political and economic systems that are geared towards an unsustainable future and the extinction of life. These systems that are concerned with endless growth, extractivism, consumerism and technological innovation propel us into deepening ecological crises and a hastening of the annihilation of the world’s interlocking ecosystems.

Ecological Crisis Booklet2.7 MB

OrganisationCentre for Integrated Post-School Education and Training (CIPSET) Nelson Mandela University (NMU)

AuthorBritt Baatjes 2019

TopicEcological crisis

RegionSouthern Africa


TypeTeaching and learning material

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