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Adult Learning & Education - System Building Approach: Introduction to the Approach and Toolkit

The contents of the first booklet give the user an overview of the approach. The explanation of concepts and processes are deepened in the remaining booklets, as per each phase of the approach. Therefore, the first booklet provides background regarding the rationale for the approach and how it was developed. It sets out the underlying principles which form the foundation for understanding the approach. The theoretical underpinning and comparison with similar approaches help to position the ALESBA within the discourse and practice of ALE. The booklet also provides an overview of the conceptual framework and phases of the approach, the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, and the scope and context within which the approach can be used. It concludes with implications for organisations interested in using the approach and guidelines for using the toolkit.

Adult Learning Education Systems Building Approach Approach and Toolkit313.66 KB

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