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Adult Learning & Education - System Building Approach (ALESBA): Phase Two - Assessment and Diagnosis

The third booklet in the Adult Learning and Education System Building Approach (ALESBA) toolkit concerns itself with assessing the current status of an ALE system and then digging deeper to diagnose the underlying root causes of failure in parts of the system, or as a whole. Assessment and diagnosis follow the first phase, after ensuring that sufficient consensus among all key ALE stakeholders has been reached to improve the ALE system. The assessment provides baseline data on the current status of the system, while the diagnosis of the root causes assists in designing an alternative, and potentially improved, system in Phase Three of the approach (Alternatives Analysis and Design).

The methods and tools described in this phase can be used at different intervals during the system building process. For example, it is necessary to assess the status of the system from time to time during the implementation and testing phase (Phase Four), to determine whether the newly designed system delivers services in a better way than the old system, and to diagnose blockages and challenges early on in the testing phase. Once the piloting of the new system is completed and stakeholders consider the up-scaling of the system on a larger scale, a compre- hensive assessment/evaluation should be carried out in the form of an end evaluation of the testing phase. It is beneficial to use the same methodology, tools, and scoring mechanisms that were used during the baseline study to compare progress and challenges. Therefore, the methods and tools described in this booklet are key instruments for monitoring and evaluating adult learning and education systems and can be used at any stage of building such systems.

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