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Adult Learning & Education - System Building Approach (ALESBA): Phase One - Consensus Building

This booklet deals with the importance of building consensus amongst stakeholders involved in adult education. Considering the complexity of stakeholder relations, consensus building is not a once-off step, but rather a crucial intervention conducted throughout the full duration of adult learning and education system building across all the five phases of the process. This booklet unpacks the concep- tual understanding and principles of consensus building among stakeholders as a crucial ingredient for successful adult education system building. It outlines a roadmap for consensus building which includes the following steps:

• Preparation: A preparatory period to convince stakeholders to engage in adult learning and education system building.

• Start-up: Start-up activities of consensus building in- clude visioning exercises, conducting a stakeholder analysis, planning for other phases of system building, etc.

• On the way: Important consensus building considerations for the duration of the system building phases, e.g., teamwork, partnerships, risk management, influencing and negotiating, etc.

The structure of the booklet is practical in nature to capacitate users to facilitate the consensus building phase. The booklet describes the process of consen- sus building and provides a set of tools that can be used for different purposes. It is a guide and the users of the toolkit are encouraged to be innovative and use tools from different approaches to reach the objective of con- sensus building among stakeholders for a strengthened adult learning and education system.

The approach also acknowledges that the stakeholder relations in each country have their own character and consensus may be further developed in some countries than others. This will influence the time it may take to build sufficient consensus to embark on system building. Although the users of the service are part of the system, the Adult Learning and Education System Building Approach (ALESBA) concerns itself primarily with the stakeholders on the supply side of service delivery during the consen- sus building phase. Tools and instruments to address the interests and needs of the users on the demand side are addressed in Phase Two.

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