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Global environmental change and food systems in Southern Africa: the dynamic challenges facing regional policy

| S. Drimie, J. Arntzen, P. Dube, J.S.I. Ingram, R.T Mano, C. Mataya, M.T. Muchero, E. Vhurumuku and G. ZiervogelFood and hunger: Food security and food sovereignty

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The ecological crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency for countries in Africa to prioritise the development and protection of food systems. The ongoing drought in East Africa and the recent devastating floods in Madagascar are two current examples of how climate change is affecting food systems. In 2011, a group of scholars from Southern Africa echoed the urgency to understand the impact of global environmental change on food systems. In their paper they focus on a number of issues including food systems vulnerabilities and policy and technical adaptation options. This article also challenges adult educators to develop educational responses to the development of community food systems within the context of the ecological crisis.

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Photo credit: David Brazier/IWMI

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