Global Campaign for Education 7th World Assembly

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The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a member-driven Movement, uniquely comprised of national civil society coalitions and regional and international networks and organisations committed to realising the right to education. With members in more than 90 countries, the network brings together grassroots organisations, teachers’ unions, children’s and youth rights organisations, NGOs, parents’ associations and community groups. GCE’s collective work as a network encompasses collaboration at global level to influence international frameworks and policy debates.

GCE relies on the participation of its members to drive its work and achieve its goals, and the World Assembly is the movement governing body. All members of GCE meet every 4 years to vote and decide the future of the movement. The 7th World Assembly, which takes place from 22nd to 24th November in Johannesburg, South Africa plays a major part in ensuring that members truly own and lead the movement. The Assembly offers our education civil society organisations around the world an opportunity to come together as a global movement to debate emerging issues, to agree and clarify collective positions, to learn from and exchange with each other, and to set priorities and direction for the coming period.Read more

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Over 20 years of unifying civil society around advocating for the right to free, quality, inclusive public #education for all. #GAWE2022 #ProtectEiENow!


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